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Links to some interesting book and paper organisations and people:

Kingsgate Workshops Trust


London Centre for Book Arts



Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts



Magdalen Road Studios



Morley College



Red Hot Press



The Paper Trail (Frogmore Mill)



O3 Gallery, Oxford Castle



Society of Bookbinders (UK)



Guild of Bookworkers (USA) featuring wonderful artists including Hedi Kyle



Hand Papermaking Magazine



Friends of Dard Hunter



Hyde Park Art Center



Twinrocker Handmade Paper, Brookston, Indiana. Worth a detour if you are in the Midwest.



Andrea Peterson, Lucy's papermaking teacher at Columbia College.



Melissa Jay Craig, Lucy's bookbinding teacher at Columbia College, paper artist too.



Audrey Niffenegger, Artist and novelist, Lucy's printing and creative writing teacher at Columbia College.



Amos Kennedy, Master printer based in Alabama. 



Shanna Leino, Book Artist and Toolmaker



Lynn Sures, Book and Paper Artist who specialises in pulp painting



The Paper Studio, Tempe, Arizona (run by Cindy, a fellow student at Columbia).