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Tidekettle News
Tidekettle News

Late summer greetings to all.

The Scottish schools are already back and the harvest is in so autumn can't be far away.

I'm going to miss teaching at Morley College having passed the baton on to a new tutor after 9 years. Papermaking is still going strong there in the textiles department so do sign up if you are within reach of London - these days in adult education it's definitely use it or lose it! 

The teaching side of things here in Berwick, at West Dean and elsewhere goes on as ever. I'm increasingly working with grant-funded artists which is great as it allows for longer, more in-depth workshops. 

Regular studio updates, pictures and news are now on Instagram and Facebook at Lucy at Tidekettle Paper: click on the links top right to take you straight there. I've deactivated my Twitter/X account as I used it less and was not enthused by the new regime!

Do get in touch any time using the contact page, Instagram or Facebook. We can arrange customised workshops for up to four people, adults or children - anything from an introduction to papermaking to more specialised areas. NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FROM SPRING 2024. If you are an artist or student who wishes to incorporate handmade paper into a project, I would be happy to help. I also provide a  reasonably-priced fibre processing service if you don't have access to a beater, do get in touch for details.

Collaborations, etc:

Exciting new project with Pith Supply here in Berwick, more details soon.

Perversions of Paper, Invitational Symposium, June 20 2014, Birkbeck College, London

Meeting the Mayor of Kagithane in Istanbul with the late, great Oz Tugrul and his lovely family (sorry no Turkish g's/i's!)

Check out my entry for The Sketchbook Project 2011, now back home again.

Working with young entrepreneurs

Lucy is available to teach papermaking and book arts workshops for adults and children by arrangement. Please use the contact page to discuss your requirements.