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Tidekettle News
Tidekettle News


Our town is opening up again and we are open too! We are welcoming visitors at the shop (Tuesday - Saturday 10-4) and getting ready to start teaching here again. After joining the ranks of Zoom teachers with the wonderful Absolute Beginners in April, my first face-to-face teaching in 18 months kicked off with a great 3D class making vessels at Morley College. Details of upcoming classes can be found on the Papermaking Classes page.

Paper production has continued unabated and online shop orders gratefully received.

Printmaker Sam Stokes (full disclosure: he's my son) has joined us and has got our little Adana letterpress up and running. He's also producing limited edition screen prints, which will soon be available online as well as in the shop.

Regular studio updates, pictures and news are now on Instagram and Facebook at Lucy at Tidekettle Paper: click on the links top right to take you straight there. (they are public pages so you don't need a Facebook account to view them, only if you want to like, comment or share). I also post frequent updates on Twitter, so feel free to follow, link also above.

You can join my mailing list via the contact page for email updates at decent intervals, though I'm rather behind in updating!

Do get in touch any time using the contact page, Instagram or Facebook. We can arrange customised workshops for up to four people, adults or children - anything from an introduction to papermaking to more specialised areas. If you are an artist or student who wishes to incorporate handmade paper into a project, I would be happy to help. I also provide a  reasonably-priced fibre processing service if you don't have access to a beater.

Collaborations, etc:

I have a little papermaking story on the Morley College website!

Perversions of Paper, Invitational Symposium, June 20 2014, Birkbeck College, London

Meeting the Mayor of Kagithane in Istanbul with the late, great Oz Tugrul and his lovely family (sorry no Turkish g's/i's!)

See our chairs at the Saatchi Gallery

Check out my entry for The Sketchbook Project 2011

Working with young entrepreneurs

Lucy is available to teach papermaking and book arts workshops for adults and children by arrangement. Please use the contact page to discuss your requirements.