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Tidekettle News
Tidekettle News

January 2024 - The winds of change are blowing at Tidekettle

Full disclosure: In 2022-3 I lost some things, among which are my senses of taste and smell (over a year on from COVID and little change, so I’m assuming it’s permanent), and four stone in weight. I also gained some things: a constant high-pitched screaming in my ears and a daily more profound gratitude for my home, my health and my tribe.

Time to go back to the source. I’m formally taking an at-home residency, length indefinite, to concentrate on the experimental papermaking and paper art that makes me want to get up in the morning.

This means little to no routine production papermaking for now and very limited teaching. All existing orders, commissions, classes, workshops and collaborations, whether confirmed or in the discussion/planning stages, will absolutely be honoured, do get in touch if you have questions. I can still take bespoke paper orders, but the lead times will be longer and the prices higher than in the past.

I will not be taking any new workshop bookings until further notice, and I strongly recommend the classes at West Dean College for those able to commit to a three-day course.

The shop/studio is open by appointment whenever I’m in Berwick - please text/WhatsApp 07528 217004, (I don’t answer calls from numbers outside my contact list) or fire me a message on the contact page, link above. Visitors are always most welcome and there is no pressure to buy.

A thousand thanks to all who have supported and continue to support Tidekettle. New things are on the way, in their own good time.


Some must conquer mountains

Bag them, stand on top, bestride.

Taunted by weather, they hunker, mutter, plot, and try again.

As clouds scud by below them, punch the air.


Some prefer the journey down, the little caves, the mossy stones.

They know the crust is thin and seek their refuge there,

Among the boulders and the ferns

Beneath the sheep-cropped grass with Mother Time.


Lucy Baxandall, 2024


Collaborations, etc:

Exciting new project with Pith Supply here in Berwick, more details soon.

Perversions of Paper, Invitational Symposium, June 20 2014, Birkbeck College, London

Meeting the Mayor of Kagithane in Istanbul with the late, great Oz Tugrul and his lovely family (sorry no Turkish g's/i's!)

Working with young entrepreneurs