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Welcome to the Tidekettle online shop! We'll be adding more products over the coming months. There is a larger selection of papers at the Berwick shop so do get in touch if you would like to know more.


Handmade paper notecards (postcard style) for all occasions, created with recycled denim and other interesting fibres. Designed to be personalised by the sender. Design your own stamp, fill the pages of a book, use the back for greetings.


Absorbent art? Porous poetry? Cutting edge coasters? It's up to you what you use these for, but they'll certainly start conversations among your guests. All pieces are on cotton paper handmade in our studio, handprinted with our own text using the linocut technique. Do get in touch through the contact page if you are interested in custom orders for special occasions. We're currently refurbishing a small Adana letterpress, so that will be an option soon too.


The papers for sale here are limited editions, with the fibres harvested, cooked, beaten and the sheets handmade in small batches. Generous A4 size unless otherwise stated. They can be used for printmaking, collage, letter writing and making books. All are internally sized and most are inkjet printable at your own risk - single sheet feeding recommended!  While making no archival claims, we pH test at each stage to ensure all paper is the right side of neutral. We use cotton, linen and abaca base pulps along with seasonal plant materials and other intriguing inclusions. Prices per sheet unless specified.


Refillable notebooks with handmade paper covers.  Wall pieces and artist's books currently available are individually priced in their sections on the WORK pages.