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Regular studio updates, pictures and news are now on Facebook at Lucy Baxandall Paperwoman (it's a public page so you don't need a Facebook account to view it, only if you want to like, comment or share). I also post frequent updates on Twitter as @LucyPaperBax and Instagram as Lucypaperbax, so feel free to follow.

You can join my mailing list via the contact page for email updates at decent intervals.

We can arrange a studio visit or customised workshop for up to four people, adults or children - anything from an introduction to papermaking to more specialised areas. If you are an artist or student who wishes to incorporate handmade paper into a project, I would be happy to help. I also provide a very reasonably-priced fibre processing service if you don't have access to a beater.

Lucy is available to teach papermaking and bookbinding workshops for adults and children by arrangement. Please use the contact page to discuss your requirements.